20 rare historical photos that allow us a glimpse into the nineteenth century


Despite the fact that time travel is still science fiction, we still have the opportunity to see the world, how he saw those who lived in the XIX century.

The website has gathered for you some interesting photos from around the world that will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of the last century and understand how much has changed our planet.

N. N. Pushkina-Lanskaya, the widow of A. S. Pushkin. Nice, France, early 1880s 8c46dd1d89.jpg

Central Park. New York, USA, 1862 621aff6a94.jpg

Destroyed the vendôme column. Paris, France, 1871 b232e285e0.jpg

Illumination of the Kremlin on the occasion of the coronation of Nicholas II. Moscow, Russia, 1896 769c38a979.jpg

The girl examines the window of a shop selling vegetables, soap and sweets. Newcastle, England, 1852 0f63c72e8b.jpg

Alois Hitler, father of Adolf Hitler. Austria-Hungary between 1897 and 1899 00a5e837f7.jpg

Shop furniture second-hand on the street Holborn. London, England, 1877 49163cdb3d.jpg

Pyramid. Giza, Egypt, 1862 5a87cb3e9a.jpg

Homeless children on mulberry street, Manhattan. New York, USA, 1889 d81b5cb42d.jpg

Girl sells meat at one of the markets of Newcastle. England, 1877 836de4926a.jpg

The future Emperor Nicholas II at the Palace of the king of Siam. The Siamese Kingdom (modern Thailand), 1890-1891 years 07a08a1e3b.jpg

La Jamais Contente, the first electric car, speeding up to 100 km/h. Paris, France, may 1899 a935f5a6f9.jpg

Traders of flowers in Covent garden. London, England, 1877 41bb278cbf.jpg

N. Gogol (in the center of the photo, with a cane) in the group of Russian artists. Rome, Italy, 1845 470cac9315.jpg

President Lincoln on the battlefield. Maryland, USA, October 1862 8bcaf08669.jpg

Workers at the Covent garden market. London, England, 1877 1672302f90.jpg

Bandit's Roost — the most dangerous street in new York city. USA, 1888 4cafa12361.jpg

The sellers of cheap fish in the area of St. Giles. London, England, 1887 e5ae63c1f2.jpg

Advertising boards on the streets of London. England, 1877 eec2be259b.jpg

Phone tower, connecting to 5 000 lines. Stockholm, Sweden, 1890 30ccf14da6.jpg

Photo on pixabay preview, nypl

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