How to keep the baby to yourself forever, or instructions for This Parent

This manual is only for Real Parents. A real Parent, regardless of gender, clearly knows that the child he gave birth to himself in terrible pain and agony that he is now obliged to devote the whole of his adult (and especially unconscious) life.

If you have no desire to keep her child forever — then either you are not Present or inadequate Parent. But of course, all want to own child has always been near and enjoy his presence — and what else?

So, that's pretty detailed, though incomplete instructions on how as long as possible to keep your child next to him.

The first thing to know is what power never one to keep for a long time will not work. The more coarse the techniques you are using — the lower the result.

The main goal is to ensure that the child is not matured, and to achieve it it is uneasy — it is necessary to start from the first years of life, gradually honing his skills in the process.

The lack of independence of the child is the first step to your success! First, you need to convince the child that he is without you might not be able to myself with nothing to do.

In three years the first time can't tie his shoes? Be sure to note his / her clumsiness and ineptitude. With a heavy sigh, tie the laces to him — and tie them to ten years.

Give him a good feel for how hard it is to take care of him and how he is inept in itself. Don't forget to use this principle as often as possible and in all!

This should really happen everywhere — drew a picture — raskrytiya shadows and perspective. Wrote a story, laugh at a funny choice of character name. Makes the lessons? Let makes perfect, otherwise, not considered.

In the shower he or she does not have to be locked to 18 years — that's more for the shy mother or father? Wash the dishes do not give — only plates. To cook food ban — bedrooms apartment. Wash him of course, in any case it is impossible — where there with a washing machine to understand, he's so inexperienced, certainly something to screw it up.

And always, always repeat that without your help he will not survive in the harsh outside world. As often as possible to tell him that he can't he is nothing. It needs to stay as more helpless because if he will learn to care for yourself — so all good-bye, only you saw him.

This can not be allowed. Your child in any case should not learn any skill of independent living!

If in 30 years the son asks mom to wash his socks — think you have achieved overwhelming success. Almost certainly this son will stay with mom until death.
Hereinafter, the circle of the child should be minimal, approved by you personally — or another pick up ideas — and that you do not need! On the contrary, the less he communicates with his peers — the better you control it and the less likely that he will suddenly fall in love and begin to disappear in the evenings, and something else for the whole night! This is totally unacceptable.

All the friends must strictly be selected by you and, of course, severely criticized in front of your child — let them know what insignificant individuals he tries to barter a Real Parent! This is important because friends can teach him to take care of yourself, or show that it is possible to live differently. This is totally unacceptable.

The child should not leave home for more than a few hours because he is in the bathroom soap yourself back can not — how did he spend the night somewhere will be? In General, remember that any friend of your child — your first enemy, trying to get him away from you. About friends of the opposite sex I did not say — throw them at the door, and in any case do not let your child to even think about marriage.

He may have only one partner, and that partner is you!

And the main seasoning for the dish is a sharp feeling of guilt. It is like a glue can hold your baby at your feet forever. Every day two or three times to tell me the Gory details of the birth, the pains of the first days, dreadful costs and the incredible sacrifices that you went for him. Everything should be in a black color.

Without it you will die. He is to blame for your sickness. He is eating your bread, he lives under your roof, and the use and appreciation from him, five years, as there was no and no. Vdavlenie in his head this idea and do it good. There is nothing more important than your well-being, on the altar of which must lie the life of your child. He needs to stay with you, and for that he should not be separated from you. He should not have time to understand that he has his own desires, because there are only your wishes, and your desires — this is it!

He is bound by the wordless sighs to be able to guess that you have a headache, the glance of the eye — you stifling, deathly silence — that you're unhappy.He must be a mind reader — just complete the merger, only hardcore!

That's all the tips, they are quite simple to implement, anyone can take this, if you will give enough time to his dream — to never part with their precious offspring. It is hard work and needs a lot of effort, so you need to put a lot of time and creativity, constantly thwarting any attempts to gain freedom or take flight. Only total control, only a complete blurring of the boundaries, only the deepest guilt will lead you to success — to ensure that your child will only your until your death. published


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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