Could not even imagine, how useful are potassium permanganate! Find out how to use.

Solution crystals of potassium permanganate (simply potassium permanganate) are successfully used in everyday life and medicine. No wonder my grandmother always tried to stock up on these cherished vials of a powder of a maroon color...

And however, potassium permanganate is familiar to all from childhood, but now it was forgotten. By the way, absolutely in vain, because when used properly, can help in many everyday situations.

Solution margantsovokislyj solution of potassium permanganate due to its strong oxidizing, disinfecting and anti-microbial properties, which is based on chemical reactions.

Potassium permanganate is used in traditional and non-traditional medicine, cosmetics, gardening... Travelers often take the powder with you to disinfect wounds and drinking water.

For rinsing and processing of the lesions on the skin (wounds, blisters, cuts, ulcers), it is important to correctly prepare a solution of potassium permanganate. For this about 10 crystals are completely dissolved in 1 liter of water. Further, the concentration adjusted, based on the color: it should be slightly pink.

Remember that a stronger solution can cause burns of mucous. It is particularly important to ensure that fluid is not was not a whole crystal in contact with the skin can also happen burn.

The use of potassium permanganate
  1. Abrasions, scratches, insect bites, inflammation of the skin (chickenpox, acne), at the first sign of the appearance of pressure ulcers: the skin is wiped with a cotton swab dipped in pale pink solution of potassium permanganate.
  2. For the early get rid of herpes and stomatitis irrigate affected areas with a solution of potassium permanganate with a hint of color.
  3. Extensive wounds manganese water is not treated, but the region — please.
  4. With excessive sweating feet do baths with pale pink solution of potassium permanganate, and then use special creams, ointments (paste Teymurova, for example). Baths with potassium permanganate will help with the blisters.
  5. For intestinal disorders, diarrhea suspected poisoning slightly pink solution of potassium permanganate (2 crystals per 200 ml of water) is taken orally. The tool helps the intestine to clean and faster to withdraw toxic substances.
  6. Potassium permanganate is indispensable in horticulture, because it is effective in fighting pests and plant diseases. A 0.5% solution (0.5 g in 100 ml water) soaked the seeds for disease prevention. They also decontaminate the earth in order to protect the young plants from pathogens.


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