Futuristic Medusa LTA: concept aircraft

Inspired by the movement of jellyfish aircraft Futuristic Medusa LTA (Lighter Than Air) are probably going to look lovely in the sky, if the concept is justified and will be created in reality.

The aircraft is designed for two passengers, they can sit in a spherical cabins, built of the fibers of graphene. The cabin is suspended below the intermediate drive and propulsion.

On top of this device are an ultra-thin membrane is able to convert motion into electrical impulses. A thin membrane also acts something like a balloon being filled with light gas, it is able to carry the cabin with the passengers.

According to created the machine designers, Adolfo Esquivel and Charles Bombardier, it coincides with the Medusa on the principle of movement, whereby the aircraft becomes extremely maneuverable and is able to bypass many contemporary aerial vehicles. published


Source: ecotechnology


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