Everyone dies but NOT everyone lives

Screenwriter and producer Nena felicity invites us to think about how — and whether we live at all. And if you do not live, because home-work is not life, what to do but to envy others, to postpone the dream for later or helplessly cry into my pillow?

You have so too happens: reckless youth began "adult" life as a career, salary expectations, and the points that you bring a true sense of freedom, you decided to cancel, because "no time" or "not solid"? The days pass, the months, you find a "rational" explanation for why ceased to follow your dream, because stability and security is better.

"I would like to have the courage to live your life, but not one I was waiting". This is the most common regret of people on their deathbed — so says the nurse Bonnie ware, who wrote a book about his patients.

A joyless life is the source of the regretsMany people live in the trance of your daily routine for years. This routine creates the illusion of a stable, "correct" world. TV, stars of show-business and political scandals simulate "events" of our lives. But many dreams do not come true just because we refuse to follow them. If you work too much, you cease to communicate properly with a partner and with children. You are going to swallow the bitterness of remorse all his life, because you lack the courage to Express their true feelings? Mediocrity and "average" life steals from you, your potential and your true abilities. Many people want happiness, but hide your fear of change under the desire to please others and not themselves out of the comfort zone. Doing work and earning major in their lives — you lose friends. And then you will regret it.

Regret is that we didn't doIt this way: more often we regret what we have not done, and less about what we did. This is our way through the stormy ocean of existence. When we are 20 to 30, we are absolutely ready to accept all the brilliant features that offers us peace. We have enough enthusiasm and energy to explore all corners of the universe. For us there are no barriers.

What it means to live in new waysin order to live life you need to allow changes in your present, right now. You need to decide what is important to you. Concentrate on yourself, not on who you would like to see more. Everyone has an opinion, society, too, can affect your ambition, but every breath you take is your and only your life. When you listen to yourself, life will gather into a single puzzle. Your ambition is important, should not lower the bar for "stable" life. Take risks and don't delay your dream for the future. Risk is linked with danger, but remember that any achievement, any award is always a risk. Look back at the years that have passed... You're sorry about the challenges of fate, which was not accepted, about those moments when you do not dare?

How to relate the pastTo the past should be treated as a lesson, preparing you to join in the future. Plan for the future, reflect on the past, but, please — live in the present. Anxiety about the future or longing for the past are impediments to your happy life. In your environment there will always be people who will always point out your numerous errors. And you think of everything you say, everything you think and feel, creatively, consciously and thoughtfully. And don't forget to Express your love to family and friends often! published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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