16 tweets about what was done to us in 2016

Ninety five million six hundred fifty two thousand two hundred fifty one

Forty two million two hundred ninety seven thousand one hundred forty nine

In 2016 most of us turned out to be tedious, but it does not mean you have to forget about sense of humor. So reasoned the users of Twitter, and staged a flash mob "Compare yourself at the beginning and at the end of 2016".

Site selected for you the most amusing examples of such comparisons.

Forty million two hundred thirty six thousand five hundred twenty nine

Twenty five million four hundred twenty four thousand five hundred fourteen

Twelve million five hundred ninety eight thousand five hundred ninety eight

Twenty seven million four hundred fifty four thousand six hundred seventy

Thirty million nine hundred twelve thousand five hundred sixty five

Twenty million nine hundred sixty thousand one hundred fifty three

Sixty three million four hundred forty one thousand four hundred thirty two

Fifty four million forty one thousand eight hundred fifty five

Fifty six million nine hundred two thousand six hundred forty

Eighty eight million one hundred eighty eight thousand eight hundred twenty four

Thirty six million one hundred ninety nine thousand four hundred sixty six

Ninety two million nine hundred twenty seven thousand four hundred forty five

Eighty six million one hundred nineteen thousand three hundred ninety three

Thirty six million seven hundred seventy two thousand two hundred thirty four

Eighty four million nine hundred twenty nine thousand two hundred eighteen

Seventy six million nine hundred fifty five thousand seven hundred thirty one

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