Always suffered with the creation of hairstyles until I discovered THIS... Very practical tips!

Hair has always been considered a decoration for women. But it is not necessary to repaint them 10 times a month to spice up your hairstyle. Simple enough to do different styling. But how hard sometimes to deal with them, especially in the morning when in a hurry about their business!

The editors of "Site" will show you some useful Lithgow, which can be laid without much effort.

How to style your hair at home
  1. Dry shampoo
    To create volume to the roots , use dry shampoo. When the hair lacks volume, don't have to wash my hair. Use dry shampooeven if your hair is clean. Expose it to the roots and massage the scalp. After 2-3 minutes you will notice changes in the hair. Just watch that dry shampoo was not visible on the hair. This life hack can be used when it is impossible to gather the hair together and the hair is falling apart. Dry shampoo will make them less slippery and will bond together to achieve the desired effect. If this means you don't have, use a regular face powder.

  2. Lacquer
    Apply nail Polish on Bobby pins. This simple life hack can significantly extend the life of your installation. Just expose the nail for a few moments before to kill the invisible. It will become sticky and this will make it easier to fix her hair. Another important point — stake invisible ribbed side on the inside. Instead of spraying lacquer over the head, creating not the most aesthetic effect of dirty hair, apply the product on your toothbrush and sleek so all the hairs out. By the way, this is the way the models during filming to smooth hair looked perfect.

  3. Abandon round brush
    Of course, it allows you to create a more voluminous styling, but from her very tired hands, but the process becomes very lengthy. The easiest option is to use own fingers. Assorted strands while drying hair and lightly wrap them on your fingers. So you get the trendy messy hair, to fix that you can spray.

  4. Curls without Curling
    The best way to create curls is to collect hair in a bun. After shampooing. the hair completely. When they are slightly damp, apply them spray for styling and braid a bundle or more. Go to sleep and in the morning undo your hair and apply on them some more styling products. You'll get sloppy curls with minimal discomfort and little downtime.

  5. Tape
    Replace the rubber bands with ribbons and cords. Any hairstyle will look more stylish if it is not visible gum. Use thin elastic bands for a conventional tail or a braid, and the top to tie the ribbon. You can pick it up in the color of the clothing, accessories or jewelry. The simple styling and hairstyles that accent will look like they did the master in the famous salon.

  6. Thermal water
    During the day the moisture is needed not only your skin, but hair, especially if you work in an office and you don't have a humidifier. However, the problem is solved simple: you just spray the thermal water on entire length of hair, and soon completely forget about dry hair.

  7. Beam without cushion
    If you want to do surround beam without using the cushion, just tie to the ground not one, but two tails. And around them obmanyvaj hair.

  8. Curls from braids
    To get small curls don't have to twist each strand. Just braid your hair and go through them with a Curling Tong to smooth the hair. Thus you get the desired curl without the time-consuming.

Just like you can achieve great styling results at home. In addition, your investment of time and money will be minimal. And this is very important for today's dynamic women.

Experiment with hairstyles and surprise everyone a new way every day. Lifehacks share with friends!

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