WHAT exactly should be done BEFORE the end of the year

1. To dream about summer.

Because in the winter it seems that the cold is infinite and good is so far away. Dreams warm and soothe the heart that this time period accounts for a huge load. Dream and you will not need heart drops!

2. To sleep for whole year.

At least one day a year to afford not to get out of bed, and just lie wrapped up in a blanket, his eyes closed and listening to the silence. We underestimate the burden that falls on our body at the end of the year, and if you don't give yourself such a short rest, you can fall down and get sick.

3. Ask the dear man: "do You love me?" and wrap yourself up in love, as in a warm blanket. A Pat on the head and kiss the top of my head the one whom you love the most.


4. To visit parents, older relatives and friends.

Especially those who are alone and whose relatives far away. Because the older people are, the harder they are to survive the winter. And we are all more preoccupied with the gifts and themselves. During the holidays our communication will be formal, we will take the time to do everything. For a leisurely family conversations choose the second decade of December.

5. To miss.

We chase away the sadness and longing because we live with the cult of the joy of life. But the events that deserve our sadness still happen, and if you don't outlive them, they will settle deep tension in the body and precipitate on the heart. Allow to be for these feelings is as important as to do General cleaning in the house. Sit with a Cup of hot cocoa or mulled wine over photos of loved ones, give way to tears...

6. To remember the past and to once again say goodbye.

It is believed that before the end of the year of the soul, completed his course on earth, are still with us. And when the heavenly clock ticking the end of the year, leaving our earthly plane forever. It's time to talk with them and say goodbye. I suggest doing this ritual for tea, when you lay the table for so many people, how many are no longer with you, and say what you do not have time to tell each one of them. This is best done one on one or with those who are able to share your feelings.

7. Take care of yourself.

There are always things that would be nice to do, but that usually does not suffice either time, or money. For example, health insurance, buy the card in a sports club, to heal the tooth or to plan a vacation and purchase advance tickets. You can, of course, to put aside all of February, but believe me, you will be very pleased when in January, these issues will have been resolved. And the money? They always come.

8. To give myself something to do and something to give in the new year.

We very much, sometimes too much bear. Particularly acute is felt when force becomes smaller in these short winter days. Sometimes enough to make a decision to no longer allow a bad relationship to myself or not to agree on the proper payment for their work, to feel a huge relief and a start.

9. To write warm wishes in social networks and tell friends about the past year.

Our social circle has increased significantly in recent years. We are friends with people who are thousands of miles away from us. Not every one of them we can call or email. Therefore, it is considered good practice to share news at the end of the year. Tell us how was your year, what you are grateful, I regret that I will remember forever. Attach to the report the best pictures of the year. You like this work, you'll see.published


Author:Elena Shubina


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