Unmanned electric vehicles will be put into the ground

The British company PLP Architecture designed the project of an underground transport system for unmanned vehicles, which should significantly accelerate the movement of passengers in big cities.

The manufacturers claim that electric cars are the future with the autopilot, but how to make the transition to "drones" as painless as possible, I don't know. London company PLP Architecture suggested a rather original method to send unmanned vehicles underground in specially constructed tunnels. System called Cartube will allow electric cars to travel quickly and carry more people.


For example, the capacity under construction in London high speed rail Crossrail will amount to 18 thousand people per hour, and a system of tunnels Cartube, according to estimates by the British, will allow you to carry twice as much — up to 40 thousand people. The underground network will link several areas of London and the suburbs, but you can get into it is through the special races. "Drones" will be able to navigate the transportation system at an average speed of 65 km/h and deliver passengers in any given place.

Like the metro, to manage traffic will be a Central control system movement. Probably, communication with the autopilot will be organized with the help of technology v2i (vehicle-to-infrastructure). The system will be able to pass the onboard computers of unmanned electric vehicles information about the route, traffic jams, traffic signals and speed restrictions through a network of transmitters along the route.


Now PLP Architecture is looking for an investor among tech giants like Google or Apple to develop software to control the system. Forces of investors, according to the British, it is possible to organize the work of Cartube for about five years. Unless, of course, by the time the market will be showcased unmanned electric vehicles. published


Source: www.segodnya.ua/economics/avto/bespilotnye-elektromobili-otpravyat-pod-zemlyu-777009.html


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