Shift education, which spoils everything

The discourse that each person is unique — a very important component of the pedagogical system of many modern parents. And my. We no longer teach children to March in formation and to be like everyone else. We krivim your mouth every time when grandma says "What will people say?!".

Also we know that there is nothing worse than a policy comparison of their boobies to strangers honors. It seems that all this should lead to the fact that children begin to take for granted the differences in each other, it will be easier to communicate and happier to live.

But I see a few communities consisting of such children. Most of those with the right nesudimosti installations. And that's not always a pretty sight.

Giraffe, clip, continuity, and the preposition "in" we decided to play "Mafia". Think: what a wonderful experience for each of them! But no. Indispensable scandal and parents, pedagogically razrushivshij the situation.

Here they are — happy children living without aching pain comparison with a classmate, which is always better than you. But the same children are often very poorly understood basis of life in the community. And they are getting into "group", Express selfishness, authoritarianism and unwillingness to listen to others is often much stronger, than children who grow up in families, in my opinion, far from humanistic principles of education. I couldn't understand: what's wrong?

I once caught the switch. Now I can't unsee. I see her everywhere and I struggle with it myself. It's such a little card juggling, semantic microsdh.

Very often, the concept of uniqueness as difference, the self, originality, and replaced us with "unique" in the sense of: "you're the best".

I'm serious. Listen. This is fraud of the century. We (born in the 60s, 70s, 80s), passing through the grip of egalitarianism, wanting to protect her from his children, saying, "pay No attention to the opinion of other people about you; you're not like everyone else; you're different, you're unique and it's perfect!"

A child hears: "do Not listen to anyone. You're the best". Because in their desire to protect "his", we absolutely do not have time to say that your friend Victor is unique. Unique Masha, Vasilisa, unique Volodya, Petya. Amphibrach with its unique name is unique.

All your friends are unique, and understanding this is the basis of your relationship to the people.


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So, the equality of the uniqueness of each. And that makes you partners on this Earth. I respect your uniqueness, and you respect mine.

But we stop at the first part. And there is nuance. What do you think? published


Author: Vera Dorofeeva




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