Find out why in the morning we are taller

All of us in the morning, taller, just below the day below all night.

Dr. Jerry Wales from the Department of Pediatrics of the University of Sheffield explains that there are two reasons.

First, in a growing child "growth hormone is secreted at night, in a certain rhythm. It operates in several stages, through which the bone at the end plates (epiphyses) are extended".

Second, once the growth stops, every day is a "compression of spins under the influence of gravity", which affects posture. In adults, reduced growth of the evening is about 15 millimeters.

Dr. Peter Dangerfield from the Department of anatomy at the University of Liverpool adds that the calculation must take another component — the natural curves of the spine.

"These curves vary depending on the weight of the body and its posture. As a result, when upright, the spine settles down, changing their curves and shortening the length of the back. When you lie, the opposite happens and the spine lengthens. Found that 80% of the changes in growth associated with the changes in those curves".

Why growth decreases with age?

The fact that older people do lose in growth, has virtually no relation to genes, and relates to the effects of gravity and time. To 70 years a man of medium height loses about 3 inches from the height which he reached early in life. According to Dr. Lawrence Riggs of the Mayo clinic in Minneapolis, a key role is played by three factors:

  • loss of the distance between the vertebrate discs because of the pressure of gravity;

  • the General weakening of the back muscles;

  • bad posture.


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Women suffer greater loss of growth relative to its index in early childhood. It is believed that this is due to the high level of development of osteoporosis. published

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