Primaty just duct tape a hammer to the plug! An indispensable tool in the kitchen...

To make every minute spent in the kitchen fun, you need to cook with love, and use a variety of tricks that will help to simplify the cooking process. Our editorial staff does not get tired to care about their audience, so share interesting selection of kitchen tricks.

Life hacks for the kitchen
  1. If you do not have a kitchen mallet, and you urgently need meat tenderizer, use this cunning ploy. Just primaty tape a normal hammer to the fork as shown in the photo. This simple device, you can easily discourage even the most sinewy meat.

  2. Use a nozzle spray for citrus to add lemon juice to your favorite dish!

  3. I want to eat ripe bananas, and you have their immature counterparts? There is a great way to speed up the process of ripening: just put the bananas in the oven preheated to the minimum temperature. After the bananas will acquire a rich yellow tint, you can remove them from the oven.

  4. Few people know that breadcrumbs can be replaced with corn sticks. Choose these sticks, which are less powdered sugar, then turn them into crumbs and feel free to use in your culinary masterpieces!

  5. You recently cooked the vegetables? In any case, not to pour out the water in which they are studying. She will like your house plants. Cool the liquid, then fields their pots.

See in this video is another trick that will help to easily clean kiwi from the skin!

What kitchen tricks do you know? Don't forget to share your domestic secrets in the comments.

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