10 tricks with which any couple in the photo will look like in Hollywood

Why the star couple is so good in the photo, what pose would they choose? It's simple: they know the little secrets that help to emphasize the dignity and hide the unnecessary.

The website will show the most popular mistakes when shooting in familiar poses and tell you how to avoid them. Remember these small tips and tricks, and photos your couple will always look chic!

1. The classic pose — "Arms"

Try not to close each other's hands, it makes it unnecessary to focus on hands, not on the figures. Just expand the case to the camera and be sure to watch your posture, keep head low.

2. Half-turned to face each other

Raised hand adds visual volume to the shoulder and the hand. Moreover, it increases the optical figure. A little lower and bend it — it will look sleeker, plus visually body will become slimmer.

3. Take a hand

Leaning and clutching at his partner, the girl inadvertently be mislaid. In General, the pair in the photo will be too relaxed. Take the girl by the arm, she stands a little to hide behind you — and this position will be spectacular.

4. Clinging to the shoulder

Better not to put her head on the shoulder of the partner: due to the difference in growth often looks ridiculous. Stand slightly behind him and lightly touch your shoulder, mindful of the posture and not holding the face. It looks more aesthetically pleasing, and the figure will visually become thinner.

5. Half-turned, right shoulder forward

As I said, try not to close partner's hand. Strong arms will look like you press down on a girl. Correct posture is to stand sideways, but not sideways to the camera, spread your arms and gently hug your partner.

6. Posing sitting

The desire to hug the partner bore down on him with the whole body and do not bend much forward. It is also wrong to put hands on the shoulders completely. Stand slightly behind and slightly lean to the partner. Put your hands gently on the shoulders, trying to connect them is not necessary.

7. Probhate with a kiss

Avoid kissing on the forehead, the girl will have to bury you in the shirt. In this position you can kiss a girl in the head, but it is not necessary to rake up in his arms, hugged quite a bit.

8. Probhate turning frame

Try not to lean his head to one another, not to be like Siamese twins. The shoulders should be straightened slightly turned from the center.

9. Kiss

The perfect moment just before a kiss. The kiss turns out not so aesthetically pleasing in the photo due to the active expressions, tapered noses. And often more like eating each other.

10. The pose in the arms of

Do not overdo it, hugging your partner, otherwise you'll turn into a strange shape. Just attract the girl to himself and, for example, kiss on the cheek. And again do not forget about your posture.

Model: Anton Mizev and Anastasia Naumova

Photographer Roman Zakharchenko specifically for the Website

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