Awesome puzzle game about the Royal laws, which is worth reflecting on!

Puzzles and riddles — amazing stuff! You can think about the decision long minutes and even hours, but never to achieve a result, and then jump away suddenly came to mind of the clue. The website has prepared for the reader a new puzzle, which will have to strain all gyrus, and even connect to friends!

As the traveler was able to circumvent the harsh laws of the king? In the castle lived a cruel king who did not want to let anyone in in their possession. The bridge over the border river standing sentry, armed to the teeth, and he was ordered to ask everyone who is coming to the castle: "Why go?". If the traveler lied, time was obliged to grab him and then hang up. If the traveler answered the truth, he and then there is no salvation: the time ordered immediately drown him in the river. Such is the cruel law of the owner of the castle, and anyone approaching its territory, deprived of life.

But to safeguarded the bridge came a brave man, besides owning the laws of logic. "Why are you going?" severely stopped its clock to implement the new penalty. But the traveler felt the catch and replied that a guard was always flawlessly performed the orders of his master, confused and for the first time was forced to release the traveler home.

What was the response to the ingenious traveler?

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