In our life there are debts

"We spend money that we don't have, on things we don't need, to impress people we don't care".


In our life there are debts? And what to do in this situation?

Issues relevant to many. Speaking generally, the availability of debt mean that we have paid for some of their needs, without having to earn them. The reason for this may be reduced income, which is not uncommon in a moment of crisis, or an increase in costs. That is, the revenues declined and spending remained the same. Or you need something, we borrow the money, but the revenue increase did not care.


At this point you should stop and reevaluate his life, to find a way out of the formed hole. And it's not so much the debt (the loan itself can play a very positive role in your life), and feelings of inadequacy and other negative emotions around debt, which only exacerbate the situation in the space around you.

And it is well to operate at 2 levels – internal and external.


  • External level
On the external level, it may be time to change the type of activity, and life itself pushes you to that. Of course, stability is good, but it severely hampers our creativity. And this is the right time in order to enable creative thought and notice finally the new solutions that we cease to see in the routine of everyday life.


  • Internal level
It is your feelings in this situation in relation to the debt, as the debtor and your creditors. If you can accept the feelings which you have about this, among which can be a lot of negativity: anger, sadness, despair, disappointment etc. if you don't block them, just let them be, thus you trust in life and what is happening. This means that you will be able to find a solution that may be surprising, though lying on the surface.

This decision may be the acceptance of the unpleasant fact that now and in the near future, you just can't repay the debt, and honest confession in front of the lender. This may be the first step towards resolution of the situation, removing the tension in relations.

If you continue to cling to the idealization of himself and goals, the constant stress you are guaranteed. Money for repayment of the debt in such a situation earn very bad.

Someone may have to accept that for the first time he was in the position of a person in need of assistance, and could afford just to ask about this assistance.

Use this as an opportunity to look at your life from a different angle, in particular, to your habits in spending money. Looking closely at your expenses, you may find that many of them are made out of habit and not out of necessity. And therefore, you can safely abandon them, opening a space for something new.

It also happens that we are helping someone, without possessing sufficient resources and thus put ourselves into a corner. In such a situation, as a rule, if you refuse to help, the person there is a new source.

If you consider money as energy, the debt means that you are energy consumption. Moreover, you can expend energy equivalent in the form of attention, time and effort, and the impact it will have on the financial sector.

In fact, debt is a signal that you do not notice inside you.

For example, an excessive sense of duty to parents, children, friends, forcing you to overspend their resources, often becomes the cause of negative financial impact.

In such a situation works very well thanks – recall a situation when you have that feeling, and thank you, to whom you feel indebted. Such sincere gratitude, even if you have no opportunity to meet the man, works great.published


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