American was trying to prove to my husband that the Lotto is impossible to win. And won a million dollars!

As they say — here's the twist! The editors of the Site don't even know how to evaluate the result of our stubborn heroine: a good, or Vice versa?

Pikabu.Gumuz resident of North Carolina Glenda's Blackwell asked her to buy two lottery tickets. But the woman was convinced that the lottery is money wasted, so only purchased one, cost $ 10.

"I wanted to do it out of spite to her husband: buy the ticket and show him that he didn't win anything," admits Glenda edition WLOS.

It turned out that the woman was right: the amount received was a million dollars. The money the family plans to buy a house and pay for College tuition for your grandchildren.

"I had to take it back, but it was worth it," commented Blackwell.

Of course!



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