4 polyglot tried to learn a new language in an hour. That's what happened


Four tongues from different countries took part in an unusual experiment — tried to learn a new foreign language in just an hour.

Each of them knows more than 10 languagesand choose a language to study in the experiment was not easy. The organizers settled on the Romanian, because he has similarities with those languages which are already speaking polyglots: French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese.

So the training took place as efficiently as possible, to each polyglot was assigned a personal tutor — media in Romanian language. After 60 minutes, the students demonstrated their ability to speak without a dictionary and translator. We Website delighted with the result. And you?

Alex Rawlings (Rawlings Alex) for Native English speakers

Matthew Olden (Matthew Youlden) for Native English speakers

Onion, Lampariello (Luca Lampariello) Italian mother tongue

Michael Olden (Michael Youlden) for Native English speakers

Here are the tricks that helped polyglot during the experiment:

  • First learn the verbs. To achieve rapid progress in a new language, learn common verbs and learn to conjugate. Then remember the most common nouns. And you already know how to build simple sentences.
  • Try to speak as much as possible in the target language. When you say something in a new language and see that people understand you, it's great motivating.
  • Write down the words and grammatical constructions. When you record new information, it is deposited in the memory.
  • Look for familiar words. Almost every language has words that sounds like words from your language and mean the same thing. Especially a lot of similarities y languages one language group. Remember similar first words and then use them to memorize the new.
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