How to see the world people with different forms of color blindness

According to the biggest resource about color blindness, impaired vision suffer 0.5% of women and 8% men, which is quite a lot.

The website made a comparison of how to see the world people with different forms of color blindness and it turns out not all of them see it in black and white. There are several types of impaired vision, but we chose the most common.

People with normal colour vision see the world so.

Deuteranomaly — the most common form of color blindness. It affects 4,63 % of men, in some cases they do not even know it. The photo shows all the colors lose a little brightness, especially for green and red.

Protanopia — a similar violation, but it occurs rarely, in approximately 1% of men. All shades of green and pale red, blue and yellow colors remain almost unchanged.

Tritanopia is a very rare type of color blindness, which affects equally men and women. Patients can say, see the world in pink and green tones.

With regard to complete color blindness, it exists but is extremely rare: it affects 0,00003 % of all people on Earth.

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