15 scenes from Hollywood movies in which there is not an ounce of logic

Every film is a cliché to which we are accustomed. Some of them settled in Hollywood so deeply that sometimes we do not even notice. Although they are completely illogical.

The site made your top list of scenes where it was supposed to be completely different.

1. Perfect makeup from morning

Girls of Hollywood without exception I Wake up ready for the day ahead. Well, it would be nice if on the morning's cooking didn't have to spend an hour and a half.

2. Instant challenge

To call mobile movie by clicking just one button. But even pre-programmed speed dial would require a lot of effort.

3. Laying in all circumstances

Whatever happened with the main character, her hair on the screen will look like she just came from the salon.

4. Ultra lipstick

Amazing survivability and different lipstick in the movie: it is not erased after a meal, drinks and leaves no trace — unless they are not needed on the idea of the film.

5. Always free Parking

In any metropolis in front of the building in which it is necessary to get the main character, be sure to find a free Parking space. A rare stroke of luck, what can I say.

6. Timely news

Every time in the movie someone turns on the TV, he instantly gets vital information. And no you switching channels in search of news, and no pop-up advertisements.

7. Super-tough clothing

After the crash, the characters invariably wear clean and whole clothing, managing to change outfits several times throughout the day.

8. Alternate fight

Any fight is a positive character with a crowd of enemies is one and the same scenario: one attacks, the other humbly waiting in the queue.

9. Ultrafast lift

The most common lifts in the movie, as if waiting for the main characters arrive, after waiting for the sake of decency a few seconds. We would have such things too great saved time.

10. Infinite ammo

Pistols and revolvers have an inexhaustible supply of ammunition. Sometimes they end at the climax, but the test of counting bullets every second passes of the arrows on the screen.

11. Weightless glasses

Even if you wear sunglasses all day long, when removed, they leave no trace on the nose. Terminator it can be forgiven, but all the rest hard to believe.

12. Exploding cars

Almost any car accident — a guaranteed explosion. In reality, this requires at least damaged the gas tank and spark, but these elements rarely come together.

13. Perfect lighting

Any scene in the dark it looks like the light is only slightly dimmed. The face of the hero perfectly lit, every detail of the room clearly visible. The light from the street, this effect is still not under force.

14. The abrupt ending of the phone conversation

Telephone conversation in Hollywood rarely fails so familiar to us goodbye. Learned that it is necessary, — put the phone regardless of the urgency of the call. Convenient, maybe, but so very unlikely.

15. Master text set

The ability to type text from Hollywood actors, apparently, in the blood: they print exclusively blind and, as a rule, do not use a space. But as impressive!

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