Chinese Maglev train can accelerate to 600 km/h

The company CRRC, China's largest manufacturer of railway equipment, proceeds to the creation of a new magnetic levitation trains (Maglev) able to move at record speeds.

Maglev held over the road, are driven and controlled by electromagnetic field strength. This composition, unlike conventional trains, during the movement never touches the surface of the rail, allowing you to increase the speed due to the lack of friction. Besides Maglev more comfortable compared to conventional formulations.

Now China is operated by Shanghai Maglev train — it runs between the station of the Shanghai metro Lunyan Lou and the international airport Pudong. The train is capable of speeds around 430 km/h In test runs it has crossed the mark of 500 km/h.

New Maglev, the company projected CRRC will move at speeds up to 600 km/h Is higher than any of the regular trains now operated this type.

At 600 km/h distance between Beijing and Shanghai can be overcome in just two hours, and the journey from London to Paris does take a little more than half an hour.

In the nearest plans of the CRRC includes the construction of a test road for the new Maglev: the length of this path will be at least 5 km. published




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