How easy it is to get rid of pain without medication

When secret knowledge was transmitted only from mouth to mouth, to protect the clan privileges. But now things are different and everyone is much more responsible for their lives and their health. Today it is very important that information on how people can help themselves, ceased to be the prerogative of a narrow circle of the initiated and made available to all those who need it.

I want to show you how a independently without drugs and complex manipulations to overcome pain.

In this article I will talk about how simple and consistent influences on the foot can relieve pain for yourself or loved ones.

Before we proceed to consider this technique it is important to note that reflexology is not the same as massage. These are two different things. Foot massages, being part of the reflexology is used to improve blood circulation and is 5 — 10% of the total exposure time.

The essence of reflexology is the study of all biologically active points of the foot. It provides overall improvement, prevention and recovery. The effect of acupuncture is achieved through therapeutic formulas.

Therapeutic formula is a sequence specific effects on the foot, which is repeated several times in one procedure.

Schematically, we can depict the healing formula as a sequence of steps.

This formula is used as an anesthetic at the time when the person experiences pain of any origin. The total time for this procedure is 15 minutes.

Protocol procedures:

Start with the fact that covering your palms heel of both feet, do a bit of rocking from side to side and front to back.

This allows you to relax the muscles of the foot and relieve the General tension caused by pain.

Then within a minute or two to swipe a simultaneous massage of both feet deep in a circular motion. At the same time strive for maximum contact of the inner surface of the hands with the feet.

It improves blood circulation in the body and allows you to feel the foot, to assess the effect of depression.

It is important that movement was slow, deep and consistent with the strength of the muscle tone of the foot.

Now, when the preparatory phase is completed, we proceed to conduct formula to relieve pain.

Start with the left foot.

The formula is step by step:

Step 1.

Activation of the adrenal glands. 5-6 sudden and rapid movements with your thumb in the projection of the adrenal glands on the foot.

Step 2.

Then the thumb of the other hand, produces a slow, soothing 15-20 seconds in the projection of the solar plexus (SP) on the foot. A few gentle massage movements and again repeat the formula. The total number of repetitions to 6 times on each foot.

Then move on to the right foot and work in the same sequence.


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In closing, simultaneously with the pads of thumb and index finger of the right hand clasps the 3rd finger on your left foot, and the pads of the thumb and index finger of the left hand to clasp the 3rd toe on the right foot and produced a light vibrating motion for a minute.published


Author: Julia Reznikov




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