Swedish electric car Uniti will save the world

Another startup with a revolutionary electric car was born. And this is a good trend because it suggests that direction is developing rapidly and interest is growing from all sides: engineers, entrepreneurs, designers, users and investors. Besides, there is a high probability that from such beginnings, in the end, it really is a great product.


This time in the role of Creator of the "electric vehicle, which will save the world" was made by the Swedish team of the U.S., whose partner was the University of Lund. The eponymous car, according to the authors of the project are "completely turn the idea of an electric vehicle and not be just another reworking of traditional cars".

Uniti is a double urban electric car with futuristic design. Machine weight 400 kg equipped with 15-kilowatt electric motor and sodium-ion battery with a capacity of 11 kWh for maximum speed of 90 km/h and cruising range of 150 km. the Manufacturer considers their vehicle category L7e (heavy quads) and declares that their city car is fully connected and has an extensive unmanned functionality.

As I lay in the Uniti, ordinary cars are too powerful and too large. Reducing their size means big win for efficiency and the environment and makes the vehicle truly sustainable. At the same time, Uniti provides the user with the interaction of electric vehicles with the most modern standards, including using a smartphone.

The startup has provided free access to most of their technologies, because, according to the authors, openness is the essence of the project. From these considerations, the Uniti did not resort to ordinary investors, and has launched a crowdfunding company FundedByMe resource. In just two days the required amount of 560 thousand dollars was collected and successful electric car received about 140 pre-orders.

The cost of the electric car Uniti is expected to be about 23 thousand dollars. The first deliveries to customers are planned for 2019. published


Source: ecotechnica.com.ua/transport/1517-shvedskij-elektromobil-uniti-spaset-mir-video.html


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