Small enemies: 11 habits that kill your productivity

To be productive means to work less but to do more and better. In itself not an easy task. And some human nature habits make it almost impossible.

Bad from the point of view of productivity habits not to condemn the society, we are rarely ashamed of them. This is a simple, well familiar to each of us things that we do, not paying any attention to them: little weaknesses that prevent us to save time and effort in order to get a little more enjoyment from life.

 To rearrange an alarm clock for a later time We may think that the reinstallation of the alarm gives you a little extra time and need to sleep a little bit to stood up, not to feel like an absolute zombie.

Unfortunately, this is an illusion, and is "pending" a revival does more harm than good.

Pure physiology: when you Wake up from the alarm, the endocrine system responds with hormones that prepare your body for the day. Pulling to sleep on, you unnecessarily slow down this process, causing hormonal imbalance. In addition, conditional ten minutes is not enough for your body "Dospat".


Sacrificing sleep for work Science has proven that a full night's sleep contributes to productivity growth, life satisfaction, making the right and smart decisions and generate breakthrough ideas.

There is a direct correlation between lack of sleep and decreased efficiency in the workplace. And again it's all in the physiology.

From lack of sleep suffering the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for how quickly and correctly we solve the problem. According to the researcher of dream Ariana Huffington:

"Now we know that from the point of view of personal performance as lack of sleep is equivalent to alcohol intoxication, that is, from chronically newsyahoo employee as much sense as the drunken, regardless of the causes of their functional state".

Well, who needs such a sacrifice?


To sleep with a smartphone (tablet)

Besides the fact that gadgets don't give us shuts down and relax, the blue light from their screens has a negative impact on eyesight and suppresses melatonin production — a hormone which regulates sleep cycles.

The researchers also suggest that low levels of melatonin causes depression.


Give yourself a "moral right" do you have a diet or started to exercise, or actively struggle with procrastination , the hardest part of forming new good habits is to suppress the desire to deceive himself with two simple words: "I deserve".

"Today I ran 3 kilometers — I earned this beer",

"I plowed all day like damn — I have a moral right not to do the dishes."

Give yourself a "moral right" to do something wrong because you "deserve it", making the whole day (week, month) capravirine human behavior, which is one of the main obstacles to self-improvement.


Skipping Breakfast lately undoubted benefits of Breakfast are increasingly questioned. However, if we're talking about the habits that suppress our effectiveness at the physiological level, the rejection of the Breakfast remains one of the major sins.

After the moment of awakening, our body has not received nutrients for 10 or even 12 hours and just need to "refuel". Besides, it is the first meal starts the body metabolic process and raises the level of blood sugar. This is a very important point, because too low blood sugar does not as you should concentrate on tasks, make us tired and irritable.


Lunch fast food Healthy, wholesome food is a prerequisite not only to maintain a slim figure, but also to maintain activity and high level of energy during the working day.

Food from the nearest "fastfude" rich in saturated fats and sugar, which makes its victim sleepy and hungry again already in the second half of the day.

Fortunately, even fast-food outlets offer a relatively acceptable from the point of view of healthy eating options.

And, even in short lunch break or when you have lunch at the place of work that I managed to quickly buy in fast food in the neighborhood, make an effort and choose foods in which as much protein, vegetables and healthy fat and as little sugar and flour.


Sit on the Internet Since most of us in the workplace have free access to the Internet, Network has become a major distraction throughout the working day.

Even if we honestly do not sit in social networks, we regularly ask Google or Yandex are quite different, usually unrelated to the current issues, constantly losing focus.

Instead of being distracted by extraneous issues every few minutes, write down questions you may have or thoughts (it takes much less time and you do not have time to forget how useful were occupied) and return to them later when the work is completed.


Multitasking while the vast majority of us (especially women) believe that they are able to do several things at the same time, scientists have found that it is not. To cope with the multitasking can only 2% of people.

For everyone else it's just a great way to "murder" of personal effectiveness.


Endlessly check emails Sated haphazard search of stuff in the vast expanses of the world wide web, tired of the endless feed updates VK, Instagram, and FB, we begin to check the mail and do it indefinitely.

On average, checking e-mail steals from you 25 minutes of working time.

Each and every day. Besides the theft of time is meaningless in most cases, the action makes you dumber .


Too often confer Nobody hinders productivity as an optional meeting. But people are herd animals and, despite the modern

CRM systems , email, instant messengers, Skype and, eventually, telephone, prefer personal meetings, even on the most trifling occasions.

In the fight with useless meetings is recommended, first, to clearly limit the time and clearly, preferably at the points to determine the agenda of the meeting.


To lose priorities

Some people think that the set of simultaneously achievable goals is the key to success.

If one of your goals will be unattainable, it'll work some nabudis many others.

Unfortunately, this approach, as the proverb about the two rabbits may be quite unproductive and misleading.

A great solution from one of the richest people on the planet and the acknowledged guru in the field of investment of Warren Buffett.


WHY is it better to say nice words

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Watching as his personal pilot toils in the absence of life goals, Buffett advised him to make a list of 25 things he'd like to get done before the end of life. But before you start doing anything to achieve any of these goals, Buffett advised to choose only 5 of the 25 home and just forget everyone else.published


Author: Olga Letova




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