Dad sold the car blonde, six ten-year ...
 Sign all documents and becoming a full-fledged master of the new man is in the glove compartment of a letter such as instructions for use and care ...

You become the owner of a remarkable machine. It is, of course, the nature and sometimes behaves like a real bitch, but if you will like it, it will be the last effort for you to try to do the impossible and difficult moment for anything you will not fail.

We, as the former owners, worried about the fate of this machine (not specifically call her name we came up to her, you have to come up with new). Therefore, for us it is very important that you liked each other.

If you want to make friends with this machine you will need to do that here:

* First of all, you have to come up with her name. In principle, an optional name, a word to refer to it (it is desirable to avoid the word "car" rough-too, "the old woman" - She's a woman, and being well preserved, so that it would be a shame, "pimped" - no comment) < br />
* Like any creature, with the change of the owner, the car falls into depression. To distract her from the sad thoughts, give her something vkusnenkoe- such as air freshener, new covers, etc.

* Note that if you are going to reduce it to a mechanic, you need every possible way to reassure her - because she's insanely afraid machinists, especially those with drills, so that at the most crucial time of the inspection, it will try to look healthy, then it may become worse . Before sending a mechanic, a hint that it will make it more attractive.

* We did not try, but it seems that she liked the restyling: aggressive bumper, new eyes (headlights) and a little makeup (airbrush) can improve her mood, and you will see how attractive it can be.

* She still loves all sorts of multi-colored detergent and fancy things like castles defroster, antifreeze, etc. It is better if all this will be delicious smell.

* The first time often try to talk to her, well, or if you hesitate to talk - stroking for seats on the steering column. Passing by, patting her on the trunk. It is necessary that you got used to it and recognized his master.

* When parking, try to put it next to an expensive car, because she loves to be rude and argue with dudes. And at night, if you are not prepared for her house, put it next to the machine dzhipovskogo type - with them it feels safe

* In principle, the machine fearless, but still, if you do not put any special organs, it is better not lihachte. She will be glad to ride 200km / h, but the cough may accidentally stumble and even something to break itself (and you, by the way, too)

* As for sale. When your relationship will improve, but you do decide to sell it, never talk to anyone about it, being inside her. Of course, then she would guess, then it will start to stand out from the effort to get your location. You will have to apologize, to say that you bitterly to sell it, but there is no alternative. But if you just stop talking to her, throw one somewhere ... it's better to sell.

If you love this car, despite its character - it is sure to bring you luck!


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