What to do if crashed thermometer: advice that saved thousands of people from disaster.

A broken mercury thermometer is a problem that causes panic, even in adults. Many people do not know how to collect the mercury and broken thermometer, so as not to cause harm to themselves and their loved ones. Today our editorial team will share with you the main rules that must be followed, to avoid mercury fumes.

What if crashed mercury thermometer
  1. Get everyone out of the room where broken thermometer, don't forget about Pets.

  2. Use air conditioning to lower the temperature of the room to 16-18 degrees.

  3. Tightly close the door to the room and open all Windows.

  4. Make sure the mercury didn't get on clothes or shoes.

  5. Put on your rubber gloves and a medical mask.

  6. Prepare a glass jar with a lid (that you will collect the mercury). Don't forget to fill the jar with water.

  7. Gather the beads of mercury using a syringe or a syringe and put them in a jar of water. If on the floor were small pieces of glass, collect it with a sponge or wet Newspapers.

At the end of the whole procedure for the collection of mercury you need to double-scrub the floor with a solution of water and bleach contains chlorine. 1 liter of water, use 1 tablespoon of bleach. Paul needed to wash this way 2 times a week for a month. In any case it is impossible to throw a jar of mercury, it should be attributed to specialist companies, if any in your city.

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