Edible containers for foods: WikiCells bottles from David Edwards (David Edwards)

Environmental campaigners against plastic and other non-degradable wastes can cause significant harm to nature, figured out how to get rid of such harmful containers and packaging for food products. The output is clear and simple: make them edible or biodegradable. The author of the idea was David Edwards (David Edwards) from Harvard University, and the concept of packaging, "friendly to the environment", is called WikiCells, and it is interesting that it can be eaten along with the contents.

Packaging, which looks like an elongated egg, is composed of food additives and biodegradable polymers. According to official information, this thin shell can be as tasteless and Supplement the content, Recalling the taste orange juice, tomatoes, grapes, chocolate or something else, depending on the type of content and how long that content can be stored in edible packaging. It is expected that edible WikiCells bottles can be stored in both liquid and solid products, and be sold in supermarkets, and as separate dishes in fast food restaurants.

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