Cave to relax in



É Pra Poncha bar is located in the centre of Porto (Portugal) for his extravagant interiors, reminiscent of a colorful cave or the alien ship.

The room design was designed by the Portuguese architect António Fernandez. He designed the space, inspired by the speleological travelling in the bowels of the planet. The undulating form of the ceiling resembles the ceiling of the cave with stalactites — natural forms, formed of limestone and water (in this case, the stalactites are made of lacquered plywood).



The shape of the ceiling brings together several areas of the bar in the holistic space. It also formed a unique niche. Bleached rough walls are also reminiscent of the mountain hollows, the deep caves with their mysterious and alluring atmosphere. And the bar in the form of broken ice blocks adds brutal naturalness of this artificial grotto.


We should say about the color scheme of the interior. Bright colors and lighting are constantly changing from fiery red to blue. This effect is achieved through the use of LEDs.

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