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Surely each of us has a favorite pair of jeans, which you do not want to get out — they are so comfortable and look stylish, and feel them like being on top of the world. And how it is a shame when it comes to these jeans to say goodbye! British artist Ian berry (Ian Berry), a dedicated fan of jeans, found a way not to part with the most expensive heart of things, transforming them into works of art. Under the pseudonym Denimu he creates from scraps of denim a stunning picture of different shades of blue.


Love denim clothes emerged from the artist at a very young age. One day her mother gave it to favorite jeans in the Laundry, and the boy had to go to a high school party in corduroy pants, why he felt insecure and shy. A few years later he saw his parents shaking boxes of clothes to give away to charity, and was fascinated by the variety of colors and shades of denim, from which were sewn shorts, skirts, jackets and shirts lying in this pile. Probably, then he had the idea to turn your favorite clothes into works of art that will please people, but in the form of original paintings. So Ian berry has found his calling and became known as Denimu.


It was amazing to see the work of the author, and then consider the finished work Denimu. The artist work is incredibly realistic paintings that do not immediately guess quilting. Using the factory seams on the fabric, combining pieces of different shades of blue, sometimes adding gray and almost white pieces of cloth, he achieves the perfect depth for each of his works. Portraits and landscapes created by Denimu, can be taken as a monochromatic painting or photograph, processed in a graphics editor. But this is only from a distance, is coming closer to the secret of creation will be revealed, and the film will appear before audience in a different guise.


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