The city of arts and Sciences – modern architectural masterpiece

The city of arts and Sciences (City of Arts and Sciences) – a real jewel of Valencia. It was built by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava in 1996, and to this day remains unsurpassed example of the architecture of hi-tech.

This architectural marvel was built in the old riverbed of the Turia, midway between the historic part of Valencia and the coastal district of Nazaret. The area of the city of Arts and Sciences is 350 000 sq. meters.

In 1957, the residents of Valencia have suffered from natural disasters – a powerful flood, after that the riverbed was changed and began to run along the canal to the South of the city. Through the years, the idea of creating a unique architectural complex for leisure and entertainment. Today is a very scenic area, surrounded by numerous streams and ponds. In Valencia attracts a large number of tourists who are attracted to the comfort of the City of arts and Sciences.

According to the plan of architect Santiago Calatrava, the first visitor has opened a unique planetarium that its appearance resembles a giant eye. Under propriety "age" hides a swimming pool with its crystal clear water. The illusion complements the bottom of the pool is made of glass.

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