Aluminum mosaic Jeff Ivanhoe

Aluminum cans of beer and soda — the potential masterpieces of modern art. Of course, it is possible to throw them in the trash, as do many educated people, you can leave them on benches in parks and squares, as do the people rude... And you can draw on them and make installations on city streets, or as the American artist Jeff Ivanhoe (Jeff Ivanhoe), cut to pieces and to build from these pieces of an enormous jigsaw puzzle, United in one massive art project called AluMosaics.

This kind of art the artist is engaged for more than 30 years after he received the creative education Institute in Arizona, and then long enough engaged in the advertising business. Realizing that such work brings him less fun than free art, the artist returned to his native Chicago, where he devoted himself to his own creativity. Then began to appear the first mosaic pictures on different topics, created by a young artist from aluminum cans.

Armed with a special knife and equalizer, Jeff Ivanhoe banks is cut into pieces, pre-marking the edge of the future elements of a large mosaic. In his Studio are always piles of colorful aluminum containers for different beverages, which the author himself or collects in "low places", or did he bring their friends, relatives, acquaintances and admirers of unusual paintings from pieces of metal. The painting is plain and simple the plots. But the highlight of this project lies in the material and the technique, and there is plenty to see. And though from afar the work of Jeff Ivanhoe seem to be not too good painting, you need to look at them more closely, and everything will fall into place.

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