An eco stay in the Green Cottage on Dragobrat

Want to relax in a clean place? and that in Ukraine? and I would still not expensive? and that the water and air clean? There is such a place!!! I recommend You go to the mountains. "And in the mountains are not all clean"-You say and I agree! but I want to tell you about a place where there are no mile-long Parking lots and kiosks with fast food, no high-speed roads, and therefore, cars not so much. The place is Dragobrat, located 30 km from the town of Rakhiv (Transcarpathian region). There is a complete off-road, because the locals have done the business for recovery of tourists on the mountain special transport.

The ride itself it's extreme! Every 10 meters of the road is the cliffs the left, then right, stones which aim to fall from the mountains on the road, in short thrills are guaranteed. Climbing the mountain will surprise You kraevedy indescribable beauty. Drahobrat if time is slower when in the city for the hot summer, there is fresh, easy and on the slopes of the mountains you can play in the snow, since the snow hasn't melted yet.

Among the many otelchikov suggest "Green Cottage".

Green house hidden among the old smerek, as no one is cut during construction to increase the area.

Although the territory is not small. There are three gazebos of wood in different parts of the site, and one especially good, it is literally hidden behind a young fir trees.

Also have wrought-iron grills for the convenience of visitors, to arrange picnic with a shish kebab without any problems. I want to note that the purity and eco culture have a special place. The owner lives here and it helps to ensure that your house and grounds are kept in high purity. The hand does not rise to throw out somewhere a cigarette butt or a piece of paper, everything is clean, everywhere musornik, the grass is green, flowers grow. It should also be said that the garbage dumped from the mountain, and utilized. In free from Hiking in the mountains, waterfalls or lakes time, you can ride horses, rent bikes, play basketball, Billiards, table tennis, take a sauna or just enjoy the silence of the mountains, sitting on a traditional Carpathian swing.

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