Ghosts mountain lake: flooded lake Кaindy

Lake Кaindy is one of the wonders of nature, which affects travelers that resembles a giant graveyard of ships-ghosts. Majestic spruce, flooded emerald waters, towering above the surface of the lake.

Кaindy в129 is located km from Almaty in the Kazakhstan part of the mountain range of Tien-Shan. The origin of the lake is very unusual: it appeared after an earthquake in 1911 when a massive landslide blocked the gorge and formed a natural dam. Subsequently, rainwater filled the valley, forming a lake. Its size is truly striking – the length of the reservoir is 400 m!

The emerald water of the lake is striking in its transparency, because the temperature in the foothills, even in summer does not exceed 6 degrees. Here from just breathes antiquity and mystery, the age of some pines has more than one hundred years. In winter, the surface of the lake freezes in the cold season the lake Кaindy attracts tourists wishing to go trout fishing, or those who want to swim in the icy water!

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