Vegetarian menu for Mission to Mars

The U.S. space Agency is not the first decade developing a program for the preparation of the first ever human flight to Mars. In addition to many other problems, a very topical issue is the question of what will the astronauts eat during this long Autonomous expeditions. And, it seems the answer has finally been found — vegetarian dishes!

United States of America, like Russia, have very ambitious plans for Space exploration in the next few decades. For example, NASA is going to send the first humans to Mars by 2030 year. Moreover, active work on the Mars Program is already a few decades. And the American space Agency is now interested in not only the technical side of the question, but many "human" factors.

For example, recently, NASA issued a press release about the launch of the project Advanced Food Technology, namely, to consider establishing a full-fledged Autonomous systems and growing organic food.

In the classic television series the type of Sunshine or Star Trek characters, space ships and eat foods grown directly on interstellar cruisers. Here is the principle, and wants to learn from NASA, using it in its Mars Mission.

But the idea and NASA Advanced Food Technology, the spacecraft that will fly to Mars will be a private garden designed to provide members of the expedition a full set of fresh food on a year-round basis (in interstellar space because there is no winter, no autumn, no spring, no summer).

Moreover, already now experts Advanced Food Technology has developed over hundreds of dishes that can be prepared from the grown directly on a space ship the products. So the monotony of astronauts that are sent to Mars are not threatened!

Why the menu must be vegetarian? Yes, because the safety of dairy and meat products is not enough for space flight to Mars that will last a few years!

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