National monument White Sands in the United States: the territory of the "eternal snow"

The universe is generous with surprises, especially those that we call wonders of nature. Such a miracle can be called White Sands, the world's only desert with "eternal snow": white sand similar to crushed porcelain, chalk or gypsum. It is located in new Mexico (USA), at a height of 1291 m above sea level in the valley Tularosa surrounded by mountains the San Andres and Sacramento. Desert White Sands National Monument is a national monument of the USA and covers a huge area of over 710 sq. km.

Hundreds of kilometers of white sand dunes from a distance resemble snow plain, but the snow here does not melt even in summer. White sand represents the smallest gypsum crystals that are usually soluble in water, but since the valley Tularosa from the water cut, the plaster, washed by the rains from the surrounding mountains settles on the surface in the form of sand, which is called Selenite. Unlike conventional sand, Selenite not heat up in the sun and therefore the snow-white dunes you can walk barefoot even in hot summers. However, the best season for walking through the amazing Park, I believe all the winter: in this time of year very beautiful white sand shimmer under the soft rays of the winter sun — a truly unforgettable sight!

Once upon a time, hundreds of millions of years ago, this territory veil of water of the ancient sea. Eventually it dried up and gave way to a lake called Otero (Lake Otero). But a few thousand ago, the lake has gone dry, leaving behind a vast desert covered with Selenite, a crystallized gypsum, which was previously dissolved in water. Because of its uniqueness, this area in many years, overgrown with legends and tales. In particular, rumor has it that it was here that landed UFOs, and over the past half century witnesses have noticed over the White Sands of a strange flying objects. It is also believed that the territory of the white desert was chosen by the Indians of the southwest and Northern Mexico, and came here for meditation sessions, to consult the spirits of their ancestors. However, these legends did not scare, and only attract more and more travelers in new Mexico. For them, there are highways and footpaths that lead how through completely naked "preezie" dunes and through the terrain, partly covered with strange vegetation and populated by strange animals-albino.

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