Sushezi device for making perfect rolls

An original device for preparing home-rolls up with designers from Sante Cookware. So, a device called Sushezi not only roll with rice and fillings will help, but will do it so carefully that homemade rolls will not differ from those prepared by professionals in Japanese restaurants.

The Sushezi device looks like a large plastic syringe. However, it works on the same technology: the capacity is filled, and then is pushed out by an attached rod. In our case, the filling is rice, which should be spread on both halves of sushimaker, and the top to attach the stuffing for the stuffing — fish, shrimp, vegetables. Then the halves are added, and voila, ready neat roll.

Ready roll of rice and toppings "squeeze" on a sheet of nori, wrapped and cut into rings. Thanks to the innovative device Sushezi, the filling certainly will not be thrown out of rolls, and a neat shape thereof can only envy. Well, ready kolechka has optional shape of squares, triangles, trapezoids...

The cost of this fixture is $17.92. Included with the Sushezi sushimaker also included is a booklet with recipes of real Japanese sushi and rolls.

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