Kenguru — electric car for disabled people

In developed countries the infrastructure is designed so that it could be used, including, and people who move on wheelchairs. Moreover, it is not only in the widespread availability of ramps and elevators, but also many other pleasant things. For example, in the United States began production of the electric car, the Kenguru, is designed specifically for people with reduced mobility.

In recent years, wheelchair users have a lot of prospects that were close and available to them. For them sew special clothes, public transport create considering the fact that they will use and people with disabilities.

While based in Texas, the American company Community Cars has even developed electric car, the Kenguru, is designed specifically for people who travel in wheelchairs.

This car has rear-wheel drive. Its batteries allow it to travel up to 110 miles on a single full charge, and the maximum speed of the Kenguru is 45 miles per hour.

Moreover, the door for the arrival of this individual inside the vehicle of a person in a wheelchair will be in the back of the Kenguru electric car.
The Kenguru electric car will have a very small size that makes it easy to find a place to Park. Where can only fit one standard car is a sedan, it's easy to become just two Kenguru.

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