Machine mobile of happiness from Coca-Cola

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For a huge number of modern people, the words "comfort" and even "happiness" are inalienable associated, including, and with access to the Internet. For them, the Coca-Cola company and created a device called Happiness Refill.

Brazil has recently also appeared the machine where you want to insert your phone. Here he not only gives digital content, and free Internet access.

Created this unusual device called Happiness Refill-order the Coca-Cola company. And it looks like a normal automatic bottling of beverages, which is full of all sorts of cafes and canteens. That's only in the receiver it is necessary to put not glass, and the mobile phone, and will begin to flow from dispenser is not Coca-Cola or Fanta, and wireless Internet.
Happiness Refill machine installed in a cafe on one of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro. So, thanks to him, nezha in the sun at ocean shores men can also to access your email, your YouTube channel, your social media accounts and other digital content, without which it is not so easy to live even a couple of hours.

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