For powerful legs

Tired from squats? Diversify your training exercise, which loads the quads and develops balance!

You'll need a rod, preferably with a short neck, a few steps to Steve, put on each other, or a low bench.



— Set of step-stage next to the uprights.

— Remove the bar from the racks on the shoulders as when performing squats.

- Put one foot on the step. Transfer the body weight on the working leg and straighten it up on the stage.

In the upper point of the amplitude hold for a few seconds and lower to starting position.

— Complete all repetitions on one leg, then move on to the next. If desired, you can alternate the legs.



— Ascend to the level, tilt the body forward. This will facilitate climbing.

— Do not push off from the floor support foot. The weight must be exclusively on the working leg.

— Lifting a step, put the supporting foot next to the work. At first, it will help to maintain balance. In the future, keep the supporting leg on the flight — so you strengthen the load on the gluteal muscle.

- Learning the technique you should go on a low support. Increase the height as experience.


Perform this exercise during the training split legs.


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