Water&Time – timer to save water

Forgetfulness is one of the scourges of Humanity since the beginning of its existence. It creates a lot of problems, some of which is irreversible. Take everyday moments. How many times have we started to run a bath, forget about it, thereby forcing flow away irretrievably tens of litres of clean hot water. Here, in order to avoid similar incidents, and created a timer for the bathroom Water&Time.

Saving resources is one of the most important modern trends. As time passed the senseless use of natural resources, it is time for a thoughtful approach to consumption. And therefore it seems normal appearance of the devices, limiting the use of, for example, water. The next of these devices is the Water timer&Time for use in the bathroom.

Water&Time is created for real water saving, which is now often used quite aimlessly. With this device, people may started to run a bath for bathing, put a period of time, which he thinks will be sufficient for this process. When that time runs out, the timer will automatically turn off the water, thereby preventing its misuse. If during this time the tub is filled completely, you can just enable the timer again, but this time for a shorter period.

In principle, after a while, the people themselves will know how many minutes will it take for the tub to fill with water. In exactly the same way you can get water in other containers: bowls, bottles, etc., when there is no possibility to constantly stand at the faucet and to control the process.

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