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When the best architects of Brazil together with the most famous and creative designers to work on a common project, a miracle happens. So, the Studio Triptyque and the landlord Houssein Jarouche whole year together worked to transform the apartment of 300 sq. m. the Result of this joint work was this unique apartment, fully reflects the essence of its owner is full of contrasts and unexpected surprises.

Initially, the apartment was planned as a gallery with rooms without definitely designated functional assignments. The main objective was to use the most unexpected area, to combine the space together, dividing it into several rooms simultaneously.

Rough concrete, stainless steel, white walls are the main elements of this apartment, lending a mood of minimalism, which, however, does not make the project "cold". All furniture and accessories are arranged so that around them there is enough free space, all parts occupy the most prominent place, nothing is lost in space. Oh and don't forget that this is Brazil – there's so much intensity, color, movement!

At first glance, the apartment's attention was immediately attracted to the bookcase, a monumental structure that hides the technical basis of the building (Elevator and stairs). The shelves are called Treme Treme and are a special development of the Triptyque. They are present in each room and define the whole project – using a bookshelf you get to the apartment, as if through a cave. They represent a giant sculpture that sets a certain tone for the entire apartment, and serve as a unique display for collectible items of the owner.

The centre proudly hosts the kitchen is of solid stone. It is a meeting place and located directly in front of a bookcase. The designer definitely was not afraid of contrasts, because in this apartment all the elements opposed to each other, resulting in a poetic dialogue. The visual contrast between sweet and artificial and rough-natural looks perfect in this room. Contrast color in the interior also fits perfectly into a single an atmosphere of warmth and celebration. Besides, all these colors are a reflection of the personality Houssein Jarouche, which collected the smallest of details from childhood, to store valuables – it's his lifestyle. And as every house is a window into the inner world of its owner, this apartment conveys the spirit of freedom and passion for contemporary culture Houssein Jarouche. If you find yourself in the center of the party, so everything is unusual and surprising.

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