Always fresh face! Tips.

Makeup artists reveal the three most important secret to a fresh and rested skin.


No doubt, a bright, playful blush on the cheeks – a sure sign of youth. Choose blush soft tones (pink, peach). One of the world's leading makeup artists sue Devitt advises to apply them high up on the apples of the cheeks, and over to RUB a drop of lip gloss.

The less tonal, the younger you look. Hollywood makeup artists are sure to strike a tone and masking tools in a thick layer then add 20 years: cosmetic rammed into wrinkles and emphasizes them. Give up girnis Foundation in favor of lightweight hydrating fluids. Apply Foundation with your fingers, but if your skin is very dry, pre-mix the tone with moisturizer.


Use concealer – medium more dense in texture than the Foundation. For the eye area will need a tone with reflective particles. So you will give the face a fresh and radiant look. But do not overdo it! The tool should not hide in the wrinkles and folds. And to hide imperfections, use a concealer with a matte texture.

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