Badboot is the most environmentally friendly and the large swimming pool that becomes a skating rink

Badboot is the largest pool in the world. It was opened the other day in Antwerp. Pool converted from an old ferry, it is 120 meters long, has two rooms, a terrace and a restaurant. In addition to using recycled materials in the construction of the pool was also used innovative on-Board water filtration system and a new energy efficiency strategy.

A huge pool was developed by the Belgian firm Sculp (IT). It was built almost a year, and now finally it is open to the public.

The idea for Badboot appeared only a year ago. This short prom is a terrible time, a group of investors received support from the city — they went to the old ferry, and they were able to build the largest pool and to tow it to the port of Antwerp. The company Sculp (IT) have developed a design and construction involved the master of the Netherlands shipbuilder HSS BV. All guests can swim in the tracks of great size or children's pool are available on the deck to eat in the restaurant or even rent of the premises.

Probably the project has received such good support through the introduction of environmentally friendly and energy-saving strategies: the use of the old ferry is to create the entire infrastructure. The design does not require large maintenance costs and the efficient organization of water supply and reduce its use by 60%.

The biggest Badboot pool is also outfitted with led lighting, a heat pump heats the water up to 28-29 deg. But the most interesting part of the project is the on-Board water filtration system, the only one of its kind in Europe. Waste water from showers, toilets, the restaurant kitchen and the swimming pool is cleaned the filtration system, which is an aesthetic addition to the entire complex thanks to the beautiful illumination.

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