Chargecard: an innovative device for charging smartphone

Usually a fully charged phone battery man enough for two or three days of active conversations. But if the phone is a smartphone like iPhone or Android where there is a lot of exciting games and other applications, by the evening the battery of the device will already be plaintively asking "supplements" that are squeaking from the bag or pocket. Not to carry a pile of wires, and limited to a small compact bag and even clutch, the designers Packed the charger in a little record called the Chargecard.

The size mentioned card does not exceed the usual credit card, therefore, it is possible to carry in a purse next to the discount coupons and bonuses. Outwardly reminiscent of the original Chargecard USB flash drive, and the resemblance is enhanced when the card is folded, and the light appears the USB connector, connecting the smartphone with the computer, and on the other hand put forward a microUSB connector, which is connected to the connector in the phone.

The authors ChargeCard, designers Noah Dentzel and Adam Miller, from California, is offering the device in three color options, including exclusive, bright, with painted birds on a wire. We know that first priority smartphone, which developed the design of the gadget was all Ms. iPhone, but as soon as the growing popularity of devices running the Android OS, the designers reversed their decision. Today Chargecard — an almost universal conceptual charger.

Conceptually innovative charger can replace the cable to transfer data from PC to smartphone and Vice versa. How much adaptation will be needed, the following figures: instead of the expected 50 thousand dollars needed to implement this idea, the developers for a couple of weeks collected three times that amount. Read more about project on the website Kickstarter original ideas.

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