Festival of sky lanterns

For many centuries during festivals and national holidays in Japan, Northern Thailand, Taiwan and China traditionally used sky Lanterns. The locals fire into the sky. This, according to ancient legend, purifies their souls, gives people the opportunity to get in touch with the ancestors.

It is considered that the loving couple, which each year releases in the sky Khum Loy (sky lantern) becomes stronger. Love inflames with a new force and does not subside relations. It is an ancient invention, has a mystical character. The symbolic process is burning (purification) and the simultaneous aspiration to the sky (to God).

In Thailand, the sky Lanterns festival began to celebrate in the XIII century. The skies over the country were illuminated by thousands of tiny lights. Lanterns, which are in the hands of the participants of the festival, made of thin paper, and inside is a fuse. Despite its small size, some managed to place inside the lantern and even the wick. Thais believe that together with the lanterns in the sky fly all their troubles. To get rid of unhappiness at the festival tried another way: put a candle in a boat of banana leaves and, according to tradition, was to go over the local river.

For reference: beautiful festival "LOI Krathong" is held every year in Thailand, the full moon day of the eleventh lunar month. "Loi" means "floating", "Kratong" — "boat (design) of the leaves." The celebration of "Loy Krathong" — the holiday spirit of water and light. Thais believe that the lowered water krathongs connect the hearts of lovers and in the next life, so this night everyone shares the holiday with the most expensive heart people. Imagine: in the night sky are shooting entire flocks of flying lanterns. This is all the whistling and cannonade, the explosion of firecrackers and the roar of fireworks. Incredible beauty! They usually run in open space. If Khum Loy took off or became entangled in the branches is a very bad omen. The most suitable conditions for launch – it's calm weather with little wind and free space.

A startup is not just an act, but a ritual in which each part has a deep meaning. According to tradition, before starting, it is customary to make a wish. And then watch as hundreds of people let go of their desires, their dreams, and look with hope into the sky. If you've ever see such a sight you will not forget already never.

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