20 craziest festivals in the world, where you have to go in 2012

The beginning of the coming year promises to be bright as ever, thanks to the New Year celebrations. But is it all and is limited? Not at all, give yourself and your friends a lot of fun and festive mood can even all year round! Because, if the estimate, it consists entirely of holidays, we just have to keep up to participate in them. For advanced tourists and everyone who loves to have fun, I found many of the most amazing events in the world. Visit any of them - such an event can be a great gift!

And you can start right now! For example, the Loy Krathong festival is particularly attractive as their place of birth - in Sukhothai Historical Park in Thailand, where lie the ruins of the ancient capital of the country. In the light of the last full moon of the year, the Thais let the water banana leaves, giving them to pray and hope for the new year.


Festival of colors


It is conducted at the new moon and lasts 2 days, because according to legend, killed an evil demon Holika, rid the world of evil, and on this day, celebrations are held in each city, they lit bonfires to symbolize the end of winter and the death of evil spirits . In the morning, it starts to get fun - people go out and begin to wash each other with colored colored water and throw each other with bright colored powders.


Where is safer for clothes Filipino Panagbenga Flower Festival in the Philippines. Dancer sprays water around him during the festival of colors Panagbenga, which is held every year in February, in the city of Baguio.


The islanders are generally very intricate kind of people. Take, for example, residents of the Chilean Easter Island, where the festival is held worship their ancestors called


They dress up in special costumes and arrange dances. Also between men and between women held competitions in running with a bunch of bananas. During the celebrations, and the Queen is chosen, which, together with the beauty must be hardworking, tell the jury about how much to catch fish and weave cloth.

In Europe, did not lag behind in terms of creativity in organizing incredible events! Sometimes repelled from the same historical reasons

Aphelio holiday in Scotland


In the town of Lerwick for festival construct 9 meter model of a Viking ship with the traditional dragon on the nose. The townspeople dress Vikings make a torchlight procession through the city, blowing in the Horn and the ship when it is carried to the sea.


Just competitions are held annually in the Highlands of Scotland. Member of games, dressed in traditional Scottish kilt, competes in the hammer throw in the competition held in Glenfinnane.


Traditional Scottish games consist of competitions, dances, food and drink, take a break from everyday work.

The British held the primacy among prikolistov! Well, who else comes to mind to organize

Runs with cheese rolling


In a small beautiful place, located near Gloucester, the last Monday in May held races with rolling cheese. Under the rules of the competition round head cheese starts down the hill, after which the participants begin his pursuit.


The winner is the one who first catch up and grab the "runaway" cheese.



Injuries cheese races are common, so the bottom of the hill necessarily doctors on duty.




But if in England chasing cheese, in Finland, in Sonkayarvi every year in July, dozens of men from around the world carry on their backs on the speed of their loved ones on the track length 253, 5 meters. Arriving in Finland in July together with loved ones, persuade him to take part in

World championship on dragging lovers


A great way to show blagovernomu how important it sit firmly on his neck - it depends on victory in the competition! Who denounced his woman all quickly without damage received a lot of beer and prizes.

So endurance and comfortable neck - one of the essential features of a true gentleman. Other properties identified on

Competition among gentlemen


Calibration is done, as you might guess, in England. Every year, representatives of communities Chap and Hendrick's conduct annual competition among gentlemen outdoors in a London club. The aim of the festival is to preserve the traditions of the English gentleman.

A most exquisite and extravagant festival, where you can hone gentlemanly manners, occurs annually in the state of Georgia, USA. What you see in the picture, is the apotheosis of action

Summer Redneck Games


This is very real competition plyuhanyu in liquid clay! Fans meet each another loud party in the liquid immersion loud cries of welcome, undeterred by dirty rain, watering them ...

If hunting plunge, so to speak, on the ears - have for this wonderful opportunity at the World Cup diving into the swamp!


Every last Monday in August dozens of brave Welsh jump into the swamp to cover the distance of 55 meters. Of the equipment can be used only flippers and diving mask. Surprisingly, and last sailed also receives a prize.

Brilliant wit inhabitants of America became a legend as well, and their refined, subtle humor. It is at the same level that it takes vertical focuses passengers California expresses passing every second Saturday of July through Laguna Nigel, where the national entertainment called

Amtrak Mooning

I must say, the scale of this spectacle of highly impressive - you see, the local people really like trains. The train local people? Perhaps ...

In another state, Nevada, yacht, "floating" in the sands, is one of the attractions of the festival

Burning Man


What is the Burning Man? Fans of this annual event say that they should take part in it in order to feel a kind of community, to understand the basics of art and freedom of expression. The festival is held once a year in the desert Black Rock, there are built of sand your own city where everyone can freely express their creativity. At the end of the week, when everything is properly cleaned, and all created artwork eliminated, burned an effigy. Therefore, the event is called the Feast of Burning Man.

There are holidays, during which almost chaos going on. Most often, this amusing game in which people pelted each other with fruits and vegetables. One such event is

Holiday "Tomatina┬╗


As you can see, is the result of a great slaughter that takes place on the last Wednesday of August in the small town of Bu├▒ol near Valencia. Incidentally, among the Spaniards, this holiday is not as popular as foreign tourists who want to participate in the "tomato battle." More than 100 tons of tomatoes are used as a "weapon". Tip - do not wear expensive clothes to you if you want to participate in this festival. I'm not even going to bring more photos, because they create an atmosphere of bloody horror. But in fact, there is fun!

Summer is always rich in festivals. British Bognor in July is the venue for interesting events. Contestants scatter over a wide platform built above the sea surface, and jump. The problem of "man-bird" - to fly as far as possible, using a home-made wings.

Feast of people, birds


Not hard to guess that the famous Stonehenge could not stay away from the attention of tourists, and everyone found

Summer Solstice


All joyfully celebrate mid-summer, touching the ancient structure, which is prohibited at any time.

It is not surprising that the ban, because young people are generally not very accurate.


Whether business, our, traditional Russian celebration of the summer solstice!

Ivan - Kupala


The most that can arrange - it's funny pouring water!


The whole "damage to the environment" - the girls make wreaths of flowers, and then let them on the water.



Well, back again in the winter, it is worth mentioning about the wonderful Lantern Festival. Glowing lights are up hope and prayer Thai New Year. It is celebrated on the first night of the full moon of the new year. Night-light is a traditional holiday in China and Taiwan.


Incidentally, if you're wondering how these sky lanterns start, read about the launch of sky lanterns - with the help of them you can make a great romantic gift for friends!

That's how many amazing opportunities gives us the coming year. Holidays, contests, events - for every taste, and anywhere in the world!

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