New technology lightning protection


ABB offers technology and equipment for active lighting, which is several times more effective than traditional.

Who among us has not seen on the roofs of multiple lightning rod, erroneously referred to as lightning rods? These systems during a thunderstorm passively expect when they hit by lightning, the energy of which they are a metal bus will be sent to the ground. But there is another technology called "catching" heavenly energy discharges. Active lightning protection (AMZ), unlike conventional lightning rods, itself generates a high voltage pulse (so called leader) to meet potential lightning by absorbing and diverting the discharge into the ground. ABB has developed such a system and device for external lightning protection: active lightning OPR.

Introduction of premature formation of the counter leader novelty 5 times more efficient than conventional lightning rods. Research laboratories have shown that the time-winning education leader artificial compared to conventional metal lightning allows you to increase the protection radius of the house up to 120 meters (or cover with umbrella security space with a diameter of about 240 m). This system can be installed on any objects. Given the larger radius of protection to a building will need much less devices than conventional lightning rods that will not violate the architectural appearance of the building.

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