Smartphone as a means of controlling the light in the house!


The system of "smart house" that has existed for many years, allows you to control many electronic functions of residential and office premises with one remote. However, its deployment in the house is decent money. But the California-based company LIFX labs has created a lighting system which can be manipulated using a conventional smartphone.


In recent years, a number of technologies, including in the name the word "smart" — smart home, smart TV, smart phone and even a smart toilet. Let me introduce you to another intellectual innovation, which was created in order to carry out long-held dream of many people is to let them manage your home lighting from the comfort of your sofa.


The basis of this technology are led bulbs equipped with wireless module Wi-Fi. This innovation allows you to manage them remotely, for example, by means of a computer or even a mobile phone.


Company LIFX labs, who developed the light bulbs, even created a special program for smartphones that allows you to control the entire lighting system in the house. That is, sitting on the couch, you will be able with one movement of the finger on the touch screen of your phone to make the light brighter or dimmer, change its color or shade.


In addition, some functions of that application can be programmed for automatic execution. For example, to the lights in the house are included along with alarm and off when leaving a person with the phone out of the room. Each "smart" light bulbs from the company LIFX labs designed for 4000 hours (or 25 years). It costs relatively a lot of money, but given its longevity, the invested funds over time will be compensated.

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