Causes of infertility - stress

Our nerves have a detrimental and harmful effect of a stressful situation. Stress also affects hormonal background, which in turn is important for pregnancy. Under constant chronic stress in the female body strongly induces the production of the male hormone androgen and it affects the possibility of conception. Research on this question was conducted at Emory University (Atlanta, USA). The results showed that when the diagnosis of infertility, some women helped the anti-stress treatment.

In Denmark, the doctors had examined some hundreds of couples who were preparing for artificial insemination and passed sessions of anti-stress therapy. It was found that the probability of conception is much higher in couples with "quiet" the nerves.

Doctors in Britain say that according to statistics 63% of women are in a constant state of stress. Given that stress hormones and sex hormones produced in the pituitary gland, it can be concluded that the excess production of stress hormones suppresses the production of sex hormones.

Interesting results were revealed at Harvard. Women who were intensively involved in sport 4-5 hours a week and trying to get pregnant for 1 to 9 years, a positive result is 40% less than those not so trained. So you should abandon heavy workouts, if you want to get pregnant and dancing, yoga.

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