The fastest electric car in the world - Nemesis

Mankind has been concerned with the question: how are we going to move when the Earth runs out of oil. It seems that the answer is found — fast! Because the car Nemesis installed at the site in North Yorkshire a new speed record for electric cars!

We live in a time record! And then from all over the world comes the news of new advances, the human and the technical. We hear about the latest speed records set by cars, compressed air vehicles, solar-powered cars to steam engines. And was recently installed and new speed strap among electric.

Nemesis electric car created by a group of British engineers and designers working in the company Ecotricity. The basis was they took the sports car Lotus Exige. Installing the electric motor, they hoped to create the fastest car of this class in the world.
Tests of a new electric vehicle took place on the morning of 27 September on the ground in North Yorkshire. A few test rides allowed the driver to adjust to your vehicle, feel its capabilities. And in the end to end testing Nemesis could accelerate to 243 km / h, which was a new speed record for machines with electric motor.

The creators of Nemesis announced that this electric car can travel on one full battery charge of about 250 kilometers. That is, at maximum speed, he will able to rush only one hour. However, this figure still exceeds similar characteristics of other electrical machines.

Over the past year and a half in the UK had registered 1,700 new electric cars. But the creators of Nemesis are confident that, with their offspring the popularity of this type of individual transport will increase significantly.

Moreover, the government has launched a programme of assistance to buyers of electric vehicles, paying £ 5,000 of the cost of an electric car.

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