Dating service for Pets

There are a huge number of breeds of dogs and cats. Some common species can be seen in almost every home. However, to get a dog or cat breed, you need to look for this and eventually shell out a tidy sum, as they are not cheap. All take this pet for reasons of extracting some kind of benefit, whether moral or material. So let's say You become the proud owner of a Chinese crested or Sphinx. Your joy has no limit, so as a pet in the house is good, and yet is decorative.

Sooner or later, Your new resident of the house awaken the natural need to reproduce. Here then begins the search for a girlfriend or boyfriend, your pet, the same breed as he. The search begins among all the friends, they say, maybe someone has a neighbor with the same pet, or a careful study of the ads in the papers filed by the parties, faced with the same problem.

So, what is the essence of the business idea of "Service for Pets". But if one were to take, and create a database of Pets in your city, where would pictures of dogs and cats with their pedigree. You can just approach people walking their dogs and offer to enrich the database of this dog and to leave a card with your number. Ie, when the owner decides to give your pet to mate, she will call You and you give her a complete list of possible suitors. Well, for the information known to pay. That's when You will receive a modest stipend for their work. But it's a reward from one of the case binding. How many of you lonely hearts connect over all the time? In General, to earn money. The more that the initial investment is not required.

What is required for this type of income?

1. The camera is not necessarily expensive, in principle, is suitable and mobile phone camera.

2. Computer for compiling database.

3. Printer – to print the catalog on paper.

4. The desire, free time and desire.

This business idea, of course, not drawn to the source of steady income, but to earn some money it will help. The more that does not require the comparatively high cost of its implementation and, accordingly, no dates occupation there is out of the question. The main thing – the desire to work, to be polite in dealing with people, and it worked.


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